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March 2017

Words from the President

Dear All,

I mentioned in the last newsletter that we were looking at a number of action items that, when completed, will benefit our members and stakeholders. I am pleased to report that we have agreed on a Mission and Vision statement which should be used consistently across all parts of the organisation. Although CIGRE has always had an idea of the Mission and Vision, different presentations on the organisation did not portray a consistent wording. We considered this to be unprofessional and the Steering Committee worked on this among other issues in December and early January. The Mission wording is “To be the world’s foremost collaborative technical reference organization for all aspects of electric power systems”. Importance is placed on the word collaborative and reference. Collaborative being the way we operate via obtaining views and inputs from experts in all areas of the world. Reference implies we produce documents which can be referred to for information from which persons can make their decisions. CIGRE is not an organization to state a position but rather to provide information in an unbiased an objective manner to enable others to make informed position decisions. The Vision wording is “To be universally recognised as the leading global organisation for all aspects of electric power systems”. The emphasis here being on ALL aspects of electric power systems. This includes all voltages, microgrids, smart grids, beyond meter solutions, markets etc. There is a suggestion to use CIGRE as a brand rather than an acronym as the “Council for large electric systems” seems to imply exclusion of lower voltages which is not true. It is proposed to use the slogan CIGRE – sustainable electricity for all. This is a simple and clear message as to what CIGRE is about and wishes to achieve. Of course all members are free to comment on these and any other matter. The aim is to improve the value of CIGRE to its members. Our work is so vital to the technical establishment of sustainable, reliable and cost effective networks that if we benefit our members we benefit the society as a whole. My view is that CIGRE is an integral critical component for sustainable energy into the future. 

Hope to see you at a CIGRE function in the near future.

Rob Stephen
CIGRE President

Latest Technical Brochures published on

  • WG B4.61 TB 675 -- General guidelines for HVDC electrode design
  • WG B3.24 TB 674 -- Benefits of PD diagnosis on GIS condition assessment
  • WG A2.42 TB 673 -- Guide on transformer transportation
  • JWG C4/C6.29 TB 672 -- Power quality aspects of solar power
  • WG B4.62 TB 671 -- Connection of wind farms to weak AC networks
  • WG C1.32 TB 670 -- Establishing best practice approaches for developing credible electricity demand and energy forecasts for network planning
  • WG B1.34 TB 669 -- Mechanical Forces in Large Conductor Cross-Section XLPE Cables

Symposia 2017

The CIGRE Irish National Committee working with 6 Study Committees are delighted to host a CIGRE Symposium in Dublin, Ireland.The symposium will focus on experiences gained from trialling new techniques, technologies and concepts in the design, build and operation of Power and Market Systems around the world.  


CIGRE Members' Obituaries

In memoriam Dr. A.N. ZOMERS and Klaus-Peter MULLER

CIGRE Session 2018

The Call for Papers is available:

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For its 12th edition, the Directory of CIGRE Members is available only on-line in the Members section

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26/04/2017 - 28/04/2017
Strasbourg, France

4th International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management

10/05/2017 - 12/05/2017
Pula, Croatia

13th Conference CIGRE-CIRED 2017

22/05/2017 - 24/05/2017
Congress Centre Habakuk, Maribor, Slovenia

CMDM 2017 (4th edition)

25/09/2017 - 27/09/2017
Bucharest, Romania

Call for papers: 8th southern Africa Regional Conference

14/11/2017 - 17/11/2017
Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

Jicable HVDC’17

20/11/2017 - 22/11/2017
Dunkerque, France

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