• General Assembly
  • Administrative Council
  • Steering Committee
  • Technical Council
  • Central Office

CIGRE is composed of

  • The General Assembly represents all the members of the Association. 
    The GA (General Assemby) meets every other year, during the Session in Paris. The GA decides on the Statutes of CIGRE and its finances, and elects the Administrative Council that will manage CIGRE over the next 2 years.
  • The Administrative Council includes:
    • the President of CIGRE,
    • A representative of each National Committee (NC),
    • the Chairman of the Technical Council,
    • the Treasurer.

The Administrative Council includes also the President of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and previous Presidents of CIGRE, but they are not elected by the GA.

  • The Steering Committee : an Advisory Body composed of 15 members of the Council, whose role is to prepare recommendations for the Council.
  • The Technical Council whose role is to manage the technical activities of the CIGRE, includes:
    • the Chairman of the Technical Council,
    • the 16 Study Committee Chairmen,
    • 2 representatives of the Admin Council,
    • the Secretary General of CIGRE,
  • The Central Office, located in Paris, France, is in charge of day-to-day operations. It is headed by the Secretary General.

Present Officers and Secretary General of CIGRE

  • President: Rob STEPHEN (SA)  
  • Treasurer: Michel AUGONNET (FR)
  • Technical Council Chairman: Mark WALDRON (UK)
  • Secretary General: Philippe ADAM (FR)

Names of the members of the Administrative Council, Steering Committee and Technical Council can be found in the Member Section (member restricted)