CIGRE provides technical knowledge through:

  • Events 
  • Permanent technical studies
  • Publications


  • Session CIGRE flagship event held in even number years, brings together more than 3 200 senior executives, experts and specialists to interact, discuss and network. A Technical Exhibition is held in parallel of the Session. The Session and its exhibition gather around 6 600 decision makers and experts from the worldwide Power Industry.
  • Symposia in odd numbered years, in different countries, brings together more than 300 delegates. Symposia tends to focus on specific subjects of topical interests.
  • Regional meetings and colloquiums, held to discuss specific issues specific to a country or a region.

Permanent Technical Studies:

Coordinated by 16 Study Committees, more than 2 500 experts from accross the globe collaborate in a structured work programmes with CIGRE to publish reports and organize Tutorials. Some 50 technical brochures are issued every year.


Publications (6800 references) are available from e-cigre, the CIGRE Technical Library and Bookstore (on sale for all, download for members only).