Technical Council

For more information regarding the Technical Council, please contact its Secretary, Yves Maugain

The Technical Council has defined four main strategic directions:

Prepare the “ strong and smart “ power system of the future

This future power system will have to wheel over long distances bulk power from non carbon sources ; it will interconnect the local grid, to compensate for the geographical/temporal variability or lack of flexibility of these sources. It will interface local energy networks (microgrids) which allow the optimized operation of dispersed generation, intelligent loads, storage.. This future Power system will rely massively on new techniques, UHV, DC and Power Electronics, ICT...

Make the best use of the existing equipment and system

Use better the full built-in capacity, operate the system nearer to its limits; operate the assets up to the end useful life, assess their condition, maintain, refurbish, extend their life, replace...

Answer the environment concerns

Develop environment friendly materials, less intrusive techniques (cables); use efficiently the assets; reduce carbon footprint of electricity..

Develop knowledge and information

Technical expertise, cooperation of worldwide experts and access to information are keys for the success of this evolution.

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