SC C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation


The scope of Study Committee C5 is to analyze market approaches and solutions and their impact on the operation of transmission and distribution systems; and on the electric supply industry in support of economists, planners and operators within the industry as well as the new actors such as regulators, traders, technology innovators and Independent Power producers. The traditional focus of Study Committee C5 on markets and regulation for the wholesale transmission system is evolving to include the retail distribution system and the wholesale system's increasing expansion into retail distribution systems. The scope areas include:  

    • Consequences of regulatory changes for the electric power sector
    • Regulatory incentives for investment
    • System implications of new generation technologies
    • Markets design’s impact on transmission system operation
    • Market design for integration of intermittent generation
    • Market-based and regulatory incentives for distributed resources
    • Market-based and regulatory processes to manage the transmission / distribution coordination and interactions

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