Stig et Bjarne diapo

Distinctions received by Study Committee B4


Bjarne Andersen received IEEE PES Uno Lamm Award; Dr. Willis F. Long, and Stig L. Nilsson, received the 2012 Philip Sporn Award, and Stig L. Nilsson also received the 2012 IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS Award

A1 generators

Prevention of overfluxing of generators


The purpose of this Executive Summary is to sensitise readers to the causes and risks of generator overfluxing.

SG & CIGRE Global

CIGRE expands its presence in the global energy market.


"I had the opportunity this year to participate in large events held by other major Organizations, and I was surprised to note that CIGRE remained too confidential".

François Meslier, CIGRE Secretary General

Cascade in Poland TB 515

Mechanical security of overhead lines - containing cascading failures and mitigating their effects


TB N° 515 summarizes the most up-to-date knowledge gained by Industry on what causes cascading failures of overhead line supports.