TB: EMC within power plants and substations


WG C4.208 has developed a newly revised version of this important EMC guide

Great success at the First Grid of the Future Symposium


The three day event drew 150 attendees from around the globe

HVDC grids

SC B4: a feasibility study on HVDC grids


SC B4 has finalized a very important work, managed by WG B4-52, concerning a feasibility study on HVDC grids

Yokohama Japan SCC6 colloquium

CIGRE SC C6 Colloquium 2013


6 - 9 October 2013 in Yokohama, Japan

The power system as a control process

VNSR generation: a renewable energy on the horizon


Renewable energy on the horizon: a Cigré JWG helps operators prepare for increasing VNSR penetration

CIGRE in Spain

CIGRE in Spain: 90 years of history


Spanish National Committee publishes "CIGRE in Spain: 90 years of history"

WG A1.19

Failure of HV motors in generation plant


Information from CIGRE Working Group A1.19

emobility 5

e-Mobility: the Electric Vehicles in Romania


First achievements on e-Mobility in Romania made by the RNC CIGRE

CIGRE Session 44 Paris

Recognition of CIGRE affiliations by Members


CIGRE Members to promote their connection with CIGRE.

Stig et Bjarne diapo

Distinctions received by Study Committee B4


Bjarne Andersen received IEEE PES Uno Lamm Award; Dr. Willis F. Long, and Stig L. Nilsson, received the 2012 Philip Sporn Award, and Stig L. Nilsson also received the 2012 IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS Award