E-CIGRE On-line library and bookstore

NON-CIGRE Members may now access and download free of charge all CIGRE publications (ELECTRA and Technical Brochures)* that have been published more than 3 years ago.  CIGRE Members have the advantage of accessing these and ALL of CIGRE's recent publications.  

Over 10 000 references of publications, can be accessed from our online library, one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering.

Publications can be:
  • downloaded free of charge, for Members and Non-Members (documents over 3 years old)
  • and/or ordered on-line (CDs, PDF, books)
at :
  • Technical brochures on the results of our Study Committees;
  • Technical articles from CIGRE’s bimonthly journal Electra;
  • CIGRE Science & Engineering;
  • GREEN Books;
  • CIGRE History Books;
  • Papers/Proceedings Sessions and Symposia.