Green Books

CIGRE's State of the Art Reference Books

CIGRE aims to produce the best reference books available on the market on the various subjects of electrical power networks compiled by CIGRE and its Study Committees. These books are self-consistent, have a handbook character and are recognised by the engineering community as the top reference books in their fields. The first two books of the series, Overhead Lines (Study Committee B2) and Accessories for Extruded HV Cables (Study Committee B1) are available for purchase on

  • GB 1 - Overhead Lines
  • GB 2 - Accessories for Extruded HV Lines

In 2015, CIGRE decided to associate with Springer to co-publish the CIGRE Green Books Series: A new partnership, 2 new books (learn more here):

  • GB 3 - Utility Communication Networks and Services: Prepared by Study Committee D2, available as hardcover and eBook during the Paris Session. This book starts a new sub-serie "CIGRE Compact Studies" to satisfy the need of some Study Committees for a more concise book format covering a specific subject from the scope of a Study Committee.
  • GB 2 - Overhead Lines: Republished firstly as eBook, with all its advantages, such as availability on mobile devices, easily searchable, fully linked (figures, tables, references, etc.), and at the same time Springer will establish a so-called living book platform for this book, where updates and corrections, digital media material, etc. can be readily uploaded and immediately become available. The new hardbook version will be available on October 2016.

The following Green Books are under preparation:

• SC A3: High Voltage Equipment
• SC B1: Insulated Cables
• SC B3: Substations
• SC B4: HVDC and Power Electronics
• SC B5: Protection and Automation
• SC C6: Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation