Let's hear what people from different horizons have to say about CIGRE.

« Joining CIGRE is a great way for young professionals to develop the competencies they need for a career in the power industry. »

Jürgen Schwarz (Germany)

« CIGRE offers a unique opportunity for both junior and senior professionals in my company to access the technical information they need to bring innovative solutions to our national business. »

Dominique Maillard (France), President RTE

« CIGRE’s Working Groups and activities allow industry people to work together, facilitating access to a global network of experts,engineers and scientists. »

Albert C. G. Melo (Brazil), Director General, Electrical Energy Research Center, CEPEL

« CIGRE gives my company access to practical high-voltage solutions to today’s problems. »

Mike Heyeck (United States), Senior Vice President, Transmission, American Electric Power

« CIGRE represents a unique forum where all stakeholders involved in the electric industry can work together at solving the relevant key technical/economic issueswith a real international perspective. »

Carlo Alberto NUCCI (Italy), Professor, Chair of Power Systems, University of Bologna

« CIGRE provides an excellent platform for experts and scholars worldwide to share and learn about emerging technologies like Ultra High Voltage transmission and Smart Grid. Thanks to CIGRE, a broad range of experts are coming together to jointly define the future of electrotechnical researches. »

Yinbiao Shu (China), Executive Vice President, State Grid corporation of China


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