2015 Lund Symposium

The symposium in Lund, Sweden was highly successful with 330 delegates from six continents. The theme “Across Borders – HVDC Systems and Market Integration” brought together study Committees B4, C1, C2, C4 and C5. The opening session had keynote presentations by Peder Østermark Andreasen (President-elect of ENTSO-E) and by Mikael Odenberg (President and CEO of Svenska Kraftnät) about transmission systems and markets in Europe and Sweden. This was followed by historical, manufacturing and market perspectives on the symposium theme by Sture Lindahl (Gothia Power AB), Magnus Callavik (ABB Grid Systems) and Kristin Munthe (Statnett AS). A pre-symposium tutorial and a technical tour attracted 120 and 100 persons respectively. The technical tour included the nearby HVDC converter stations of Baltic Cable and of the South West Link – an opportunity to see and compare established thyristor technology and IGBT-based VSC technology.

  • HVDC and Power Electronics
  • System Development and Economics
  • System Operation and Control
  • Electricity Markets and Regulation
  • System Technical Performance

LUND Call for Papers 220414 (pdf, 944kB)

Full Paper Sampe pages_091214 (doc, 261kB)

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