2nd Annual Asset Management Conference

2nd Annual Asset Management Conference

16/10/2018 - 17/10/2018
Newport Beach, CA - United States of America

Organisation : CEATI

The CEATI 2nd Annual Asset Management Conference will bring subject matter experts from around the world to provide insights on the corporate perspective of asset management. In electric utilities, the leadership, direction, and framework for the asset management system starts with the corporate strategy and involves all areas of the organization.  In the various sessions of this conference, attendees will gain deeper understanding in the application of asset management in the electric utility context.

The CEATI Asset Management Conference is jointly sponsored by CEATI’s Asset Management in Generation Program (AMIG) and the Strategic Asset Management Program (SAMP). Presentations will cover asset management concepts across the areas of generation, transmission, and distribution while benefiting from information sharing across all parts of the electric utility industry.

The 2nd Annual Asset Management Conference is aimed at industry professionals and will provide an exceptional opportunity to network with consultants, manufacturers, and other representatives from electric utilities.

Themes of the Conference

  • Context of the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Support
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Improvement

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