CIGRE Jordan

24/04/2018 - 25/04/2018
Amman - Jordan

Organisation : CIGRE Jordan

"Challenge facing the future of Power Systems"

CIGRE National Committee (JCNC) is pleased to invite engineers and experts in industrial and academic sectors as well as the researchers in electrical and energy fields to participate in the conference titled "Challenges facing the future of power systems".

This conference constitutes a valuable chance to enhance the interaction and exchange of ideas among participants. It will also be a unique event for electric and energy utilities and industry representatives, to present their problems and plans to solve the problems arising from the various operational, financial, environmental and regulatory issues.


  • Enhancing the cooperation and experience between electric and energy sectors in the planning, operating and controlling power systems.
  • Encouraging research and studies in the fields of power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Enabling energy and electric engineers to demonstrate their practical problems associated with maintaining stability and continuity of supply at affordable costs.
  • Encouraging university students to make joint research with engineers in electric utilities in the fields of power systems.

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CIGRE Jordan - Call for papers (pdf, 900kB)

CIGRE Jordan - Call For Papers