Other CIGRE Events


24/09/2015 - 25/09/2015
Budapest - HU

Organisation : CIGRE (promotional Sponsor)

The 10th Deregulated Electricity Market issues in South-Eastern Europe

2015 CIGRE Canada Conference

31/08/2015 - 02/09/2015
RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg – Winnipeg, Manitoba - CA

Organisation : CIGRE Canada

 "What’s next for the Power Grid?"

International Workshop CIGRE 2015 in Milano

26/08/2015 - 28/08/2015
Stresa -Maggiore Lake - IT

Organisation : CIGRE Italy - Milan EXPO 2015

An international workshop 'Innovative Electrical Networks for a Sustainable  Development in Low Carbon Scenarios' will be held during the Milan EXPO 2015

International workshop CIGRE 2015 in Italy

24/08/2015 - 26/08/2015
Stresa - IT

Organisation : NC Italy for CIGRE

Innovative Electrical Networks for a sustainable development in low carbon scenarios

AORC-CIGRE Technical Meeting 2015

16/08/2015 - 21/08/2015
Sabah, Malaysia - MY

Organisation : CIGRE Malaysia

AORC-CIGRE Technical Meeting 2015 :”Towards An Integrated & Interconnected Transmission Power Grid: Challenges & Opportunities”

5th International Scientific and Technical Conference

01/06/2015 - 05/06/2015
Sochi - RU

Organisation : Russian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (RNC CIGRE), JSC System Operator of the United Power System (SO-UPS) and JSC Russian Relay Engineering Research Institute (VNIIR)

Actual Trends in Development of Power System Relay Protection and Automation

UAVs’ use for Infrastructure Inspection needs, Component Condition Monitoring & Maintenance Planning

26/05/2015 - 26/05/2015
HaSharon Hotel – HERZLYA - IL

Organisation : NC Israel for CIGRE

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) use for Infrastructure Inspection needs(Gas&Oil Pipes, Electrical Networks, Railways and more),Component Condition Monitoring & Maintenance Planning

XVI Ibero American Regional Council of CIGRE - RIAC

17/05/2015 - 21/05/2015
Puerto Iguazu - AR

Organisation : Argentine NC / Iberian American Region of CIGRE

The XVI Ibero American Regional Encounter of CIGRE-ERIAC is the most important event of Ibero American Regional Council of CIGRE – RIAC

CIGRE UK National Committee 2015 Events

22/04/2015 - 22/04/2015
London - GB

Organisation : CIGRE UK

Visions of a UK Offshore Transmission network: Delivering Functionality and Affordability

SEAPAC 2015: South East Asia Protection and Automation Conference

17/03/2015 - 18/03/2015
Sydney, Dockside - Cockle Bay Wharf - AU

Organisation : CIGRE Australia B5 panel

The Australian National Committee of CIGRE and the B5 Protection & Automation Panel is pleased to invite participation in the 5th SEAPAC Conference.