August 2016

Table of contents

Life of the Association
Annual Report
Working Group Report
Technical Brochures
Life of Association

In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Egon F. Peschke

In Memoriam Walter Bückner

CIGRE Awards 2016 recipient list (Honorary Members, Fellows and CIGRE Medal)

CIGRE Green Book series

Colloquium on EHV and UHV (AC & DC) – Montreal, Canada – May 9-11, 2016

Third International Colloquium on Transformers – Split, Croatia – October 15-17, 2014

Annual Report

SC D2 - Information system & telecommunication

SC B5 - Protection and automation

SC C3 - System environmental performance

Working Group Report

WG A1.41 - Inventory of main maintenance interventions on nuclear power plant turbo-generators

WG C3.01 - 50-60 Hz magnetic fields and cancer, forty years of research: it is time to reassure

Technical Brochures

658 - GT C5.15 : Gestion des défaillances financières dans les marchés d’électricité

658 - WG C5.15: Default management in electricity markets

659 - GT A2.38 : Modélisation thermique des transformateurs

659 – WG A2.38: Transformer thermal modelling

660 - GT B3.32 : Réduire les coûts en optimisant la maintenance des postes ouverts

660 - WG B3.32: Saving through optimised maintenance in air insulated substations